Website Mainteance and Support

In today's internet, it is important to have an active website that is responsive and full of content. Potential customers are very likely to check out your website from their smartphone and you need to have what they are looking for.

Since it is important to have strong content and an active site, it is more important to keep it maintained. That way, your website is always running at its best. Just like any other form of technology, your website needs to be updated to be secure, robust and work great with the newest browsers and devices. Websites that can talk well to the current algorithims of Google and Bing search always rank better and are easier to find.

Website mainteance and support is here to keep your website up to date and secure. If your website goes down, we have backups to get your website back on track fast. WordPress websites have many plugins and other core elements that need to be updated. The Inventor's Velocity works with only the best plugins, that way we know how they were intereact with your website. We keep these plugins up to date, keep your website running smoothly. Keeping your site talking great with Google and Bing and ranking so customers can find you!