Need Web Hosting?

Web Hosting can be a struggle, but you need a host for your website. A host is the server home for your website. If you don’t pay the rent your website has no where to live online!

Website Hosting and WordPress Hosting in Rochester MN

The problem with hosting is that the popular companies out there (GoDaddy and Bluehost) take advantaged of new website users and get you stuck in unfavorable contracts, with poor server performance and even worse support.

Why not have someone you can call whenever you have hosting issues? This is especially important for my local customers around Rochester MN. Why waste hours on the phone getting no where with bad hosting? TIV has its own optimized WordPress server designed to perform great with our speciality WordPress sites.

The Inventor’s Velocity has hosting options for every size business. We want to get you into a hosting service that works for you and has easy growth options. Our specialized WordPress hosting performs so that you get the most speed up time from your WordPress website.

Don’t waste your time with bad hosting (trust me you may get gray hairs from it) contact TIV today for quality local hosting.