Our WordPress Training Videos are here to help you get the most out of your small business website. Gain traffic by creating pages and posts with ease!

WordPress Training Series – 1 How to Login to WordPress

The first video is the easiest. How to login WordPress. You will need your login username and password and the link to the login page from your web master in order to log into WordPress. This quick video will get you started so you can access the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Training Series – 2 How to Create a Page in WordPress with Gutenberg

The second video I discuss How to Create a Page in WordPress using the new Gutenberg Page Editor. Creating pages in WordPress is easy and the new WordPress Gutenberg page editing tool makes it even easier with the new blocks building setup. You do not need to know code such as HTML and CSS to build a beautiful page in WordPress. All you need is some time and great content. Remember creating pages on your website is a great way to improve search rankings and drive customer traffic to your website.

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WordPress Training Series – 3 How to Create a Post in WordPress with Gutenberg

Blogging or creating posts is one of the easiest ways to improve traffic and customer interaction with your website. Talk about something you are passionate about that is related to your business. This video shows you how to create a post in WordPress with Gutenberg. The new Gutenberg post editing tool makes it easy to create posts with fresh content for your readers.

How to Update the WordPress Core

Updating your WordPress Core is important. Especially if you want to try the new Gutenberg page or post editing tool. This quick video shows you how to update the WordPress core. Remember to backup your website and database before making any updates.

How to Update Plugins in WordPress

A quick video to show you how to update the plugins in your wordpress website. Make sure to always backup your website and database before making any updates. If you have custom themes or plugins they can break or cause issues when an update overrides them. It is always important to have a quality backup to rely on so you don’t lose all that hard work. The Inventor’s Velocity provides maintenance plans that cover the updates and backups, leaving the business side of things to you! Contact TIV today!

How to Upload Media to a WordPress Page or Post with Gutenberg

This video shows you how to upload media or how to upload an image to your WordPress page or post using the new Gutenberg page editing tool. Adding images is fast and easy with the new block building setup of WordPress Gutenberg.

WordPress Training Series – 7 How to Switch to Classic Editing Tool from Gutenberg in WordPress

Are you struggling with the new Gutenberg Page Editing Tool in WordPress? This quick video will show you how to install a plugin that will allow you to use the Classic Editing Tool to create blog posts and pages the old way in WordPress.

WordPress Training Series – 8 How to Install Gutenberg Plugin

Do you want to try the new Gutenberg page editor but do not want to update your WordPress core?

This video will show you how to install the Gutenberg WordPress Page and Post Editing Tool Plugin. This is an alternative way to try Gutenberg without updating the WordPress core.

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