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TIV Talk – Phonebooks and WordPress Meet Up and Namecheap Sale

This TIV Talk I talk quite a bit!

Save big on your new idea with Namecheap

I received my Hibu phone book in the mail. I talk about why you shouldn’t waste your money advertising in the phone book and spend it in Google. It is 2019, and some businesses still think the phone book, or its online resources are a great way to advertise. It isn’t.

I also talk about other mail marketing options in the area that are better than the phone book. I also talk a bit about Yelp and Google Search Rankings.

I will be going to a WordPress class at the library tonight. The WordPress group that meets at the library monthly is very knowledgeable and can help people new to WordPress get specific problems answered. Tonight is a big night. They will be talking about Gutenberg, the new WordPress page editor. I want to go to see what people are struggling with on Gutenberg and what they like about the new tool. I plan to use this information on new training videos to help you get the most out of Gutenberg.
WordPress Group Info:

Lisa Irby of 2 Create a Website started a 14 day challenge for 2019. Basically the past how many days, she has been kicking out a quality content video a day. I decided to try to match her, as competition is good for everyone.
I linked her channel on the next line. If you like to blog or want to make money online her videos are very valuable.

Lastly from January 15th at 12:00 AM until January 17th at 11:59PM – Namecheap will be having a sale on domains, hosting, SSLs and VPN.

Up to 89% off on domains at Namecheap. This is a deal!

This is a longer video but it has some good stories that can help you with your small business WordPress website. Thank you for watching.

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