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TIV Talk – Coldest Day Ever? Social Media Work Day!

Today is the coldest day it has been since 1996. Apparently, the whole United States is under a polar vortex. I will have to take the weather persons word for it as I am not leaving the house!

Since it is that cold outside. Why not take the day to look over your social media and create some great content or posts? Social platforms along with your website content truly drives organic SEO. The coldest day ever should not stop you from getting new customers.

Think about it. How many people are sitting at home today? Reach out to them!

If you want better rankings on Google and Bing, you want to have active content on your website.

Creating Facebook pages, Youtube channels and videos, LinkedIn pages and other social media truly helps your search rankings. Find the social media platform that works best for your industry and customers.

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