WordPress Development

Our core is WordPress. WordPress is a great content management system that allows for beautiful themes with ease of use. Adding content to your website is easy with WordPress and site will stand out in the crowded competition.


WooCommerce is a great way to sell products and services online. Even if you want your customers to buy products in store, you can use WooCommerce to display your products online and get your customers the information they need to make a confident purchase.

Google SEO

Google SEO is huge if you are a business! Make sure your website is found and reach out to new customers with Google. Whether its organic SEO tactics or Google Adwords, The Inventor’s Velocity has the knowledge and resources to help get the best bang for your marketing dollar.

Bing SEO

Don’t forget about Bing SEO! Make sure your website is inclusive to all web customers by using Bing SEO and advertising tactics. Bing is a closer rival to Google than you may think. Don’t ignore this marketing opportunity like your competitors are!


As mentioned we are huge fans of WordPress. We also provide premium WordPress hosting. Make sure your website is backed with top notch performance and speed with quality hosting and support.

Training Videos

Having trouble adding content to your website or have other web or marketing issues? Watch our training videos and product feature videos to become an expert at your website!

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