March is a great time to think Search Engine Optimization

March is a great time to think Search Engine Optimization

A short conversation as to why SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important. If you want to drive sales to your store or website, you need proper SEO.

Look at your top competitors. Do you have as much quality website content as they do? Do you rank as high as they do on Google or Bing search? Are you as active as they are on social media and other web platforms? Are they paying more for advertising with Google adwords and Bing advertising campaigns?

The Inventor’s Velocity can help improve your small business websites search rankings with a free estimate and a conversation about your website needs and goals. We strive to provide a multiple options to Search Engine Optimization that fits your business needs. There are many ways to achieve greater rankings with Google and Bing, but quality content and proper action will improve your chances of greater results.

Search Engine Optimization really is going to be the battle of 2019 for most small businesses. Most of your customers will look you up by mobile phone using a search engine. This is one of the most effective ways to find new customers in 2019 and you must be able to outrank your competitors to get noticed on local search and normal search results. Let SEO be a tool that helps you gain customers, as it is a critical part of modern marketing.

The Inventor’s Velocity has improved the search engine rankings of many businesses around Rochester MN and in the United States at the national level. We have knowledge in local SEO and more broad or national SEO.

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