Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019!

I think 2019 will be a great year for SEO! All of my customers that focused on Google and Bing SEO tactics in 2018 did really really well. I am not just talking about paid advertising such as Google Adwords. I am talking about organic SEO content such as writing blog posts, creating videos and other similar quality content that connects your customers to your business. Talk to The Inventor’s Velocity about your website goals and let’s see if we can get you noticed on Google and Bing!

Over Christmas break I also started posting the WordPress Training Series videos. Check out the first two – How to login to WordPress and How to Create a Page in WordPress with Gutenberg the new page editor tool.

Speaking of SEO, be aware that not all SEO tools and plugins are good. A hack is going around in the form of an SEO plugin that hijacks your website and takes your customers to the hackers preferred website destination. This is not good for your customers or your business! Do not be fooled by sneaky shortcuts. Good quality content and working with Google and Bing is how you are going to get better search engine results. The Inventor’s Velocity can help you with all of your SEO and website management and marketing needs.

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Happy New Year 2019! Expect big things from SEO this year!

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