About The Inventor's Velocity

The Inventor's Velocity was started by Brandon in 2010. I had been working on a few WordPress blogs since 2008 but when I went back to school and worked with older web tools such as Dreamweaver I realized that WordPress would be around for a while and dove in.

I really enjoyed its easy to use blogging style but that you could build a custom theme to make your site really stand out and not be a cookie cutter. Obviously some code is needed to really make your themes stand out and I become a full time WordPress developer.

I have worked with large enterprise intranet websites using WordPress, national eCommerce stores that use WooCommerce and have built WordPress sites for almost every type of small business, clinical groups, churches, education, you name it!

I have used that knowledge and experience to really help my customers get the most of their website. That is the goal. A website is a critical aspect of your business, lets make sure it actually gets you real results!

The Inventor's Velocity has the Services and Resources you need to create a successful WordPress or WooCommerce site with proper search engine optimization tactics and training videos that will allow you and your staff to operate and grow your site with great blogging content. Active quality sites do well in today's Google and Bing searches. Keep up with the times and let us get you the results you desire with your website and business.

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