Don’t forget about Bing Search Engine

Many web users use Bing. It might not be quite the giant that Google is, but Bing / Edge Browser is the default browser and search engine for any Microsoft Windows PC. If you use Cortana, you are using Bing search!

Don’t let the opportunity to get great results on Bing pass you by. We want to make sure your website gets great search results from this search engine. Contact TIV today to get noticed with Bing SEO Services. Search Engine Optimization gets real results when done right!

The Inventor's Velocity provides Bing Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Services in Rochester MN

Bing is almost as important of a search marketing tool as Google. They may not have the market share of customers that Google has at this time, but you cannot ignore the fact that probably 30-50% of your potential customers use Bing. You cannot ignore Bing Search!

If you need help with Google SEO and Google Analtyics find out more here.

The Inventor’s Velocity is here to help you with all your small business website needs. All of our products and services are designed to help you get the most out of your website regardless of if you want to do it yourself or hire The Inventor’s Velocity to manage your website services.

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