Quick Commercial about TIV Web Services

Quick Commercial about TIV Web Services

A quick commercial about our great hosting, SEO, and web services. Everything to get your small business website up and running the way it should be! Are you in the Rochester MN area? Let’s sit and talk about your web goals!

Find out more about our web services:
Hosting – https://tiv360.com/web-technology-services/web-hosting/
Web Development – https://tiv360.com/web-technology-services/wordpress-development/
SEO Marketing with Google – https://tiv360.com/web-technology-services/google-seo-services/
SEO Marketing with Bing – https://tiv360.com/web-technology-services/bing-seo-services/

The Inventor’s Velocity is here to help you with our web services and support. Our WordPress, WooCommerce, and SEO expertise and resources are specifically designed to help you get the most out of your small business website.

Stay tuned for more random commercials from The Inventor’s Velocity. There will be some videos coming up with a strong focus on SEO with Google and Bing for 2019. Of course we also have plenty of WordPress Training Series videos to help you get the most out of WordPress. Plus we will have some TIV talks about other important small business items.

Do you want to have interesting commercials and a video brand presence such as a Youtube channel? Contact The Inventor’s Velocity and we can help you make a bold statement on the internet with videos that showcase your business style and quality. SEO is no longer just about good content. Videos are a huge part of a quality SEO plan. Did you know that Google owns Youtube and heavy promotes businesses that use videos. If you want to rank ahead of the competition in Google, some Youtube videos with great keywords would certainly help!

It is a lot of fun to make Youtube videos and commercials for your small business. Just remember to talk about something you are passionate about and bring your A game. Record when you are smiling and happy and your customers will recognize your ability and customer service.

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